Forgetting the little things

Take that picture or record another video. No shame. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to remember a moment and having those pictures to look back on. TBH, that lady who’s complaining about you is doing it out of bitterness (she forgets to take pictures and wishes she did). Of course you don’t want to let life pass by while your head is stuck in your camera but, life is all about balance isn’t it? Taking pictures with a disposable camera didn’t use to come with so much negativity, at least not that I recall.

As a mom of a quickly changing toddler I often find myself wishing that I had recorded something Hannah said or did or that I had taken one extra photo. It isn’t that I want to have 1000s pictures to upload on social media (even though we all know I share loads of pictures of her already). But, it’s more than that. And I hate when people try to jokingly take stabs at how many pictures a mom takes of their little. We get it Sharon, pictures aren’t your thing. But keep your negative comments to yourself.
Literally not necessary.

It’s more than just a picture. It’s a memory or moment that I just don’t want to forget. I don’t want to forget her sassy little one-liners or the way she peers at me when I ask her to do something. How she holds her hand up flat and says “ummm probably”. I’m taking these pictures for my future self and I know she’ll be happy I did. I’m hoping my social media “memories” show up for years to come since, when I get a new one each day now, I STILL LOVE SEEING THEM.

Kids change SO FAST and, with Hannah just now coming into her own personality and her speech (within the last year), she says and does the cutest, sassiest, creative little things. I want to have photos or videos to cherish and look back on when I’m old and gray or when she’s all grown up and moved out of the house. Even when shes 16 and being her crabbiest self I’m sure these things would be fun to look back on.

So next time you see someone trying to get a picture of a special moment – get out of the way or offer to take the picture for them.
As a mom who hardly EVER gets to be in the picture – it’s appreciated so much. When someone comments about you taking too many photos or videos, tell them why you’re doing it.

We want these memories forever
and this is how we’ll capture them.