Balance? What’s that…?

As of late one thing I’ve been struggling with is balance. It’s so hard to do it all and there literally aren’t enough hours in the day. Being a mom, working 40+ hours a week, renovating our house (*our kitchen reno is almost done!*), cooking/cleaning, trying to hit the gym, attending family/friend events, and having anytime for hobbies. I want tips on time management!

What do you do to manage your day-to-day? Do we just decide that somethings aren’t going to happen? Should I say “no” to more invites to use that time otherwise? Do I pass up the “me hobbies” for more girlfriend time? Do I just sleep less and jam in as much as I can? I feel like there’s a zillion directions to go in!

Currently, I use a planner (family calendar on the fridge so the hubs can see what the schedule has in store) and a personal planner that I keep everything in. Essentially it’s the same stuff written in two places but I like being able to carry the one with me. Plus that one has week+month views. I’m weird.

Anyways… what works best for you and your family, oh smart, insightful interwebs? I’m hoping to go into the fall season with a better “plan” and am thinking some feedback could be good! Let’s hear it!