Why not do it now?

Happy New Year, internets. I have a lot of things that I’m planning to do this year (with my family, personally, professionally, for our home, and for my art). We’ll get to everything here on the blog eventually. 😂

But, for the past few years, when the new year approaches, I find it grounding to get all of my thoughts and ideas for the new year out and onto paper. This year it took a few days of me just jotting things down here and there until I felt I had a true and well-rounded list. One of those ideas I added for 2020 was the novel concept of simply putting things away.

“Every time we leave things out we avoid making decisions. ”
– Dana Byers

This year, and a little bit of the end of last year, I have been and want to continue to focus on putting things in their final “resting place” when I’m done with them. Meaning: not just putting the band aid box in the bathroom on the counter; actually putting it all the way in the drawer where it goes. I know it seems like such a basic concept but for some reason, clutter accumulates at our house and I know that some of it is avoidable.

When I first had this idea I knew I couldn’t have been the first to have it so, of course, I googled “why don’t people put stuff away”. The first thing that popped up was an article by Dana Byers called “The Discipline of Putting Things Away”. The article is a good read and one thing that really stood out to me was when she said “Each time we leave things out we avoid making decisions. ” I feel like that is 1000% true and rings with me and what I think/feel when I avoid putting crap away.

This year I’m vowing to truly make decisions and be decisive. I want to work towards my goals and give my time purpose and one of those goals of mine is to PUT THINGS AWAY. A clean house means I’m less stressed. Less stressed is the life for me. I’m not that person that can lay on the couch and watch TV if my house is messy. It could almost be said that I’m this way to a fault? 🤔 I’m a clean freak (Rob would totally say that about me). BUT – with this new change/goal I’m hoping that by avoiding the clutter of not putting things away I will be able to spend less time cleaning! Wouldn’t that be the dream?! Even if it’s not the case, I’ll be less stressed!

So here’s to 2020 and putting things away! 🥂

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had an amazing new year’s and had fun celebrating (safely)! We had a small group of friends over, played games and ate yummy food, and watched the ball drop! Waking up this morning (thankfully not hungover) left me in the spirit of thinking of my wishes for the new year. Of course there’s obligatory health goals but, outside of those, 2019 has a lot in store for us.

  • We’re going to sell our house in GA
  • Rob will get a new car (that’s a 4 door!)
  • Fingers crossed we get pregnant with baby #2
  • Add in a dash of home renovation (master bathroom? New shed? Backyard landscaping?)
  • Travel/try to go on 3 vacations
  • Continue to set aside time for me to read, blog, craft, and play games each week
  • Continue working to make healthier decisions! (Try to eat out less and cook at home more, use my elliptical at home 4ish days a week, and log my food more often on my LoseIt! app)

It sounds like a lot to try and do but really, is it? This morning Rob went on and on about how new year’s goals are dumb and that people shouldn’t wait till the new year to start them. I agree but I also disagree.

The holidays are a hectic time and a lot of the things we want to do get pushed to the back burner to make room for the holiday festivities. I feel like viewing January as a reset is logical to me. Yes, of course, I should have been working on the majority of my “goals” already but, due to lack of free time, some were deprioritized and that makes me human. The craziness has died down now and it’s a new year. I’m ready to shift my priorities a bit and welcome the new year! In my mind it isn’t that “2019 is going to be my best year ever” it’s more that “2019 is going to be another good year and here’s why…”

What are you looking forward to for 2019?