Vacation was just what I needed

For the 4th of July Rob and I went down to Orlando for the Guardian Con convention and time with friends + family.

My bestie, K.Bakes, let us use her friends and family discount and stay at an amazing Marriott resort (Marriott Grande Vista) 👍 – I totally recommend it.

Check out the view from our room! The pool was
amazing and the umbrella cluster you see on the left
was the poolside bar/restaurant! ✌

The property is gorgeous and we spent a large chunk of time floating in the pool and enjoying drinks at the poolside bar/restaurant. The weather wasn’t the best everyday (but apparently it was normal for July in FL). Luckily, we did still get some sunshine each day before the rain set in.

Getting to see old friends and family is the best and sometimes, it’s just what you need. My mom’s side of the family has blessed me with several cousins that I’m close with in age and we really always have such a great time when we’re together.

There’s always so much laughter when we get together and we love to play a bunch of table games while we talk and visit. This trip was primarily dominated by Dutch Blitz. Thanks Nicole & Jon for starting that game with the fam on a trip to PA! 😘 Can’t wait to get everyone together again in July 2020 with the rest of our family for our trip to North Carolina.

One of the things I needed the most from this vacation was the real conversations that we had. Everyone is so level headed and down to Earth and just has the best advice. I love hearing about the career moves some of them are making, the tips and tricks we all have for stacking money, the awesome vacations everyone has planned and the healthier eating advice (kudos to Erin on losing nearly 90lbs so far ❤👌). It was just what I needed to get me back on track and, for that, I’m so blessed. I wasn’t lying on IG when I said this vacation was rejuvenating. I truly think I was able to level-set and find my priorities again.

The first thing I need to buckle down on: eating healthier. I want to give the low carb lifestyle a real chance and, since being on the way home now for a few hours, I’ve taken steps to starting that tomorrow. So, for the first step, I’ve ordered our click-list grocery order of all Keto/Low-Carb foods and completely planned our upcoming week’s worth of meal prepping.

I know it’s a baby step but, it’s a step and that’s what matters. I found lots of great recipes online and Erin sent me a few too. I’ll share more recipes and blogs on how our low carb life goes. I made a workbook where I can create a tab for each week’s menu and save links to recipes that we use. (I’m a spreadsheet nerd).

Rob agreed to try it for a month with me and see what we think. I have tried to eat less carbs in the past (less than 100 net carbs) and it worked well for me. I know that is no where near a Keto level of carbs but that’s still okay for me. On a good day, when counting calories, I’d still eat so many carbs while staying under my calorie goal. Toast, cereal, fruit, bananas, chips/crackers, pretzels, pasta, jelly, fiber one bars, nutri-grain bars, frozen lean cuisines – so many of the foods I eat have lots of carbs and just working to cut back I noticed a big change. I think, for now, we’re going to first try and cook more “keto” or “low carb” recipes and see what we think.

This is really the first and biggest priority I came away from the trip wanting to focus on. Once I get this mastered I can add more to the list but this is where the list ends for now. Shorter list = more manageable. It’s all about baby steps. Focusing on my health seems like a logical top priority to start with 😊

So, for anyone who has done the low carb life, what are your favorite recipes? What are some snacks that you love (besides the nuts, jerky, cheese guys)? I’ll share any recipes we try this week that turn out well! So excited to recommit to eating healthier and feeling stronger 💪

Acrylic Pour 0️⃣0️⃣5️⃣ – Coral Water Canvas (10×20″)

So what are your thoughts on the colors for this bad boy? 🤔 I used the metallic again (still love it ✨) but added in a yellow and coral (+ white of course).

White, Coral Cove, Hay, & Aquamarine

For this pour, I used a 10×20″ canvas and did two flip cups. I also used some of my leftover paint to circle the edges of the cups/canvas prior to lifting as well.

Here is the process video…

andddd.. here are some pictures of the painting now that it’s dried! 🤩

I’ll share more once the top coat goes on!

Plan to Own My Free Time

As an effort to plan better and manage my time more effectively I’m going to work on changing a few things about myself. First, what type of activities do I want to focus on in a given week? Like consciously, each week, what do I want to do to be happy? What will make me feel like I’m effectively using my time how I want?

For me those things are…

  • Getting in some exercise
  • Eating healthier and meal prepping
  • Spending time with family
  • Spending time with friends
  • Having time to craft/DIY
  • Setting aside some video game time
  • & Blogging!

Outside of list, how can I make sure I actually do these things? I’m a major planner already so I’ve decided to plan a wee bit more. Looking at our schedule for each week I want to set aside time to do the above things. I think this will help to keep me from just watching Netflix/Hulu at night (wasting my evenings). Inste will make the most of my free time and feel successful in the areas of my life I previously felt I didn’t have time for. I’m sure my “activity list” will morph but this is my list I’m starting with.

With all of that in mind, below is my plan for “loving my free time again”. In the upcoming week I’ll fit in gym time, meal prepping, cleaning, family/friend time, watching TV, blogging, video games, and crafting/kitchen reno work.

MONDAY: a bit of cleaning, some meal prepping, and relaxing with some video game time. #1 I want to clean since the house will need some love with us having left for our trip in a hurry Thursday night (and getting back at 945pm on Sunday before working Monday). #2 Meal prepping is a must for eating healthier but the menu kinda depends on what’s in the fridge and, being in that I’m in the car right now, I’m not sure what we have currently. I think I can make pizza chicken and bacon cheeseburger cauliflower casserole. I try to eat less carbs if possible so my recipes tend to lean that way. I just made these stuffed peppers last week and they were amazing! #3 Video games. As you’ll learn, I like to play games and I’m currently playing the StarCraft 2 campaign/playing online (with Rob when he’s not playing Destiny). I am not too far into it but it’s fun. I like the build-up-a-town and kick-ass-army type of games (think Age of Empires). Also yes, I’ve accidentally called the game Star Trek a few times.

TUESDAY: gym night and Netflix-ing/cleaning. Hannah goes to bed at 7:30pm like clockwork so when I go to the gym at night I go after she’s down, usually like 7:45/8pm. I’ll probably just do cardio this time but it’s something to get me started back on track! I want to lose about 60lbs more to get to my goal weight and also be healthier pre second pregnancy! 🤞 I’ve lost 30lbs so far (since I’ve had Hannah and gained baby weight). After the gym I’ll probably relax and watch Hulu/Netflix to wrap up the evening while I clean. I just finished Harlots on Hulu (so good), am watching season 5 of The 100 on Netflix. I want to start the new Ozark second season and still need to finish Grace and Frankie season 4. Basically Netflix and Hulu are my jam.

WEDNESDAY: dinner for my mom’s birthday and hitting the gym (more cardio – day 2 this week!)

THURSDAY: swinging by Home Depot for the half bath shelf project supplies!

FRIDAY: Hannah is staying at her grandma’s house for the night so I plan to start my shelves and hit the gym (gym day 3!!) while the stain dries.

SATURDAY: playdate (maybe – gotta confirm!) with some friends of ours that have kiddos, work on/maybe finish my shelves, then a night cap of baseboard painting.

SUNDAY: meal prepping, cleaning, games (?), and getting ready for the next week. Sundays are chill in our house so I’m sure it won’t be too chaotic. If the shelves are done I might hang them.

With blogging being super fast and easy on my phone I’ll probably just fit that in whenever I want and see how that works. Thus far it’s worked well so we’ll see if that remains the case.

Cheers to a kick ass week, y’all 🍻 let’s see how this new plan works!

I Picked My Next Project

So… In honor of owning my time and getting my act together in that regard: I’ve decided to tackle our half bath shelves! Anyone who knows me knows my weakness is decorating my house so, in my doing these shelves, I’ll get to do just that. The half bath needs storage (shelves + a new vanity) and then it is completely renovated!

I already made a set of these shelves for our bath upstairs (is it weird that I want to do them for downstairs too?) and pretty much know how to/already own everything.IMG_20180903_212410.jpg

I feel like it works still since they won’t look exactly the same. They’re just amazing storage that’s super adorbs. I’m thinking I’ll still stain them white to match the trim, mirror, and new, future vanity I want (for that think small, white shaker doors, white counter/sink/top, with some lower storage).

This week we have a wedding out of town so I won’t be able to start on it but next week – game on! I’ll be sure to post pictures and steps once I get started!