The Blend Holiday Shopping Price Guide

Hey everyone! Check out the below price guide to get a feel for what types of items I have available and what budgets they fit. Check out my shop page for specific items, join my Facebook group for items/updates, or email me at with questions!

My First Craft Fair

Y’all ❤️ I had my first craft fair on September 21st and am super proud of how it all came together! If I have extra time (🤦) I’ll eventually write up a blog about all of the display pieces we DIY-ed but, I’m pumped that I finally ripped off the band-aid. The next fair I have set up is at the end of November.

Rob was so amazing and helped me build (or revamp) all of the display pieces. Using pegboard was 100% amazing and I love that all of these pieces work together well yet allow me so much flexibility! 🥰 Plus the neutral colors are amazing for my artwork and lets the colors really pop. ✨

The shelves held a bunch of coasters and I liked putting the social media sign and magnet stand on top of it to give it some more height.

For the posts we made, (see above photo) I do wish they spun. I might rework these prior to the November fair (if I have the time). They worked for what I wanted this time but lack of spin-ability was a miss. I’m not sure how to easily add “spin” in yet.

The tabletop pegboard trifold held so many pieces of jewelry and took up minimal space. Plus it folds up flat to store it. My set up at this fair wasn’t super big so I only used one of the trifolds this time but, depending on what setups I use going forward, made two just in case!

Now, the biggest one I saved for last ➡️ This standing display came out AMAZING. 😍 Prior to the registering for the fair I had this room divider just hanging out in my garage. The panels used to be fabric and it was originally designed and built by my grandpa. With his approval we modified it and I’m so pleased with the result. A few metal screws, brackets, pegboard, and spray paint can get you pretty far. It’s perfect for displaying art since I can move the pegs wherever I want. It even held the sign I painted!

Overall I couldn’t have asked for a better first fair:

  • The set up was easy and we had plenty of time to get things put together.
  • The crowd was lighter but fairly steady (which helped me not feel overwhelmed).
  • It was inside and the weather was good.
  • I handed out lots of business cards for potential custom orders.
  • and I made a profit! 💰

I’m very encouraged to do my next one! ❤️ I have several new items I’m hoping to have ready for it! If you’re local to Cincinnati I hope to see you there – West Clermont Highschool on Nov 30th!

Craft Fair Prep

Y’all . I am so excited to announce that I’m signed up for a craft fair in September on the 21st!! This is my first one but I have so many ideas of different things to make. Please come out and see me!!

I haven’t posted many more blogs about the specific art projects I’ve been creating these last few months but many of which I’m hoping to make for the fall fest. My insta has all sorts of craft posts ➡ Check out my account or join my Facebook group to see more content. Here’s a few sneak peeks:

At the fair I plan to have acrylic + resin trinket dishes, acrylic & alcohol ink coaster sets, earrings, necklace pendants, wall art, popsockets, a few clocks, and several ornaments! As things progress, I’ll share more about the inventory I’ll have available, all the craft fair prep I do, and the event itself. Yay for growth in my crafting! 🖤

To Chromebook or Not to Chromebook?

I’ve always talked about getting a new tablet/laptop and when we sold our rental property in Savannah, GA I figured – what better time than now?

One reason I wanted to get a convertible laptop/tablet was so I could draw and import my own drawings into Cricut Design Space. I make so much with my Cricut that being able to easily use design space was super important. Other than that, I wanted to be able to do basic office stuff and cruise the internet/blog. My budget was ~$500 so getting a gaming laptop wasn’t going to happen (but that’s okay because we have other nice computers/gaming systems I could use for that).

So, with all of this said, I thought the Chromebook would be a great option. I’m an Android/Google user already so I didn’t think it would be a big learning curve and, comparing to other tablets, it still seemed to rate well for the price. Here is the Chromebook I ordered.

Once I got the Chromebook, a few of the pros were:

1) set up was easy

2) it’s set up like an Android with the Play Store so I was able to get a bunch of apps I already am familiar with

3) the stilus was light and easy to use – super responsive

4) the speakers were pretty decent – not super loud but enough for what I needed/wanted

And a few negatives were:

1) it felt heavier than I really wanted

2) I didn’t really like the flip aspect of it as much as I thought I would. When I would use it as a tablet it felt weird to hold with the keyboard on the back and it being so thick.

3) the screen didn’t always turn on when I opened it like it was supposed to – sometimes it was super slow and that was annoying

4) learning the chrome OS wasn’t as easy as I had hoped – they tried to be too much like Apple for me TBH (which kinda ties to #5)

5) the file explorer was clunky to use and, being that I’m a Windows person, not being able to right click and see further file properties/information annoyed me a bit and made simple things more confusing

Once I started to use it literally one of the first things I tried was to draw/write on it with an app I found on the Play Store and I loved it. There were so many brushes to pick from and I felt like I could control what I was doing. I was also able to save my picture as a image and import it into Design Space (super important). All in all, the drawing on it was a favorite. I’m not an artist so I wasn’t sketching or drawing so I can’t super speak to that aspect of it but I thought it worked well for the writing I wanted to do.

Then, the big bummer. Literally activity number two for me to try was using Cricut Design Space. First, let me say that as a Cricut user I can 100% admit that Design Space is so terrible and totally my leaaasssttt favorite part of owning a Cricut. It’s so clunky and crappy already but, the Chrome OS wasn’t doing me any favors. First, the Design Space plug-in wasn’t compatible because it’s only made for Windows and Mac. This means that when I went to the Design Space website I couldn’t get past the plug-in pop up. 😭 My only next option was to try the even more limited Design Space Play Store app.

The app is even worse than the website and this is when I learned I couldn’t install fonts on the Chrome OS. 🤮 It was impossible to just download and install them like I would on a Windows PC. I googled and all I could find was to download an app called “Phonto” and install the fonts there. Phonto wasn’t hard to use but having to type my text there (with its limited options) and import it into design space as an image (which I then can’t edit any further) is MEGA terrible.

So…. This setback did the Chromebook in for me. I literally “power washed” it and mailed it back the next day.

Net net, don’t buy a Chromebook if you’re a Cricut crafter or plan to download things (since not everything is Chrome OS compatible 🤦‍♀️).

Next up I’m going to try the Microsoft Surface Go. It’s a good price point, allows me the tablet flexibility (+ can add a keyboard if I want), and might just be what I’m looking for! More to come!