4th Low Carb Month: Zero Progress

If you haven’t already read my latest blog post you can check it out here. With that all going on I definitely didn’t do that hot this last low carb month. The stressful pregnancy and then my miscarriage was just too much. I only logged for about the first 10 days of the month and then fell off the wagon. All of the Halloween candy was really tempting too. 🥺

Instead of losing weight this month the scale went in the wrong direction. I started month 4 down 20lbs and ended down 15lbs 🙈. I’m hoping this 5th month I can get back on track and hit 20lbs again and then 25 by Christmas, maybe. We all hit roadblocks but getting back on track is what counts! In times of struggle, I find it best to focus on things I can control. To avoid getting consumed with depression, I’m focusing on Thanksgiving (we’re hosting), my upcoming 2nd craft fair (Nov 30), and getting my low(er) carb lifestyle back on track!

I have a round of healthy groceries set to be picked up today through clicklist and have planned our meals for the next bit. We’ll have twisted chicken chili (my fave chili recipe), pork chops with roasted veggies, burgers with zucchini fries, and spaghetti squash casserole. I’ll share some of the recipes in my next blog!

This last month I did make a super yummy sweet red chili that you should check out in the meantime. Make sure you use all 4lbs of meat! I used angus and it turned out great. I do recommend seasoning the meat a bit more while you cook it (some salt, pepper, & garlic) to give it some more flavor. Also, instead of Navy beans I used two cans of black beans.

We’re all human and acting like this last low month didn’t happen would be a lie. I fell off but am determined to get it together again! More to come ✌️

Third Month Down

My third month of tracking my food/trying to eat less than 100g net carbs ended on October 9th. I’m happy to report that I met my goal for the month too: 20lbs gone 💪 By 11/9 I’m hoping to hit 25lbs.

Lately we’ve tried some super yummy recipes that I’ve been excited to share. Two of them are Giant Italian Meatballs and Creamy Dijon Chicken Thighs With Bacon and Spinach.

Giant Italian Meatballs

Rob found this recipe and it was deellliicciiooouuusssss. We mixed a pound of ground beef with a pound of mild sausage for these and they were perfect. They look awhile to cook and follow all of the recipe steps but it was worth it. Next time I’d probably opt to make more at a time since they reheated well and we ate them all in just a few days. I portioned our recipe into 6 servings (1 meatball per serving) with each being 488 calories, 11.3g net carbs, and 28g protein.

Creamy Dijon Chicken Thighs With Bacon and Spinach

This recipe was easy but took awhile because it called for you to cook everything in stages in the same pan. Personally, next time I’d cook the chicken thighs and bacon at the same time in two different pans. When the chicken is done – that pan is out of commission. When the bacon is done you still drain the majority of the grease then move onto the next step for cooking the onion. This not only saves time but, when I cooked it the way the directions originally called for, by the time I was done with the bacon my pan had lots of super burnt bits/spots in it. Luckily this never impacted the flavor but it didn’t add to it either. Plus it made my final dish a lot darker colored than the recipe pictures. But, despite that, this one was another winner. Next time I might even add some mushrooms or sun-dried tomatoes. 🤤 I portioned this recipe into 8 servings. Each was 342 calories, 4g of net carbs, and 32g of protein.

Try the recipes and let me know what you think! I’m excited to see where the next month takes me. Even if I don’t hit my 25lb goal I’m already feeling so much better from my eating habit changes.

Here’s to finding more tasty & healthy recipes! 🥰

End of Low Carb Month 2

As the end of the month is wrapping up I’m proud to announce I’ve hit my 15lb goal. The scale creeped this month because I’ve had several “off days” 🙈🤦. At some points it totally even moved in the wrong direction 😫. But, as I’ve said before, we’re all human and I’ll get to my goals as long as I keep at it!  A few bad days doesn’t have to be the end of my journey!! Some days the scale goes backwards and I eat crappy but, I try not to make it a habit of it or let it happen too many days in a row. Plus, when I eat lots of carbs I feel sick now (bloated + tummy trouble) so that’s another deterrent.

Really, the reasons I’ve made it this far are:

A) that I’m always trying a few new recipes

B) I have found desserts I can eat anytime I want (& sweets are my weakness)

C) I am making healthier choices more often in my everyday life! Little things like skipping the rice at currito or eating my own snacks I brought vs what’s available – it adds up!

Cheers to month 3! 💪 I’m excited to hit another milestone and get my next “reward”.

First – not a new recipe but so worth it to talk about it again ➡️ My brownies are a staple. I make them two batches at a time now and freeze one batch. It’s a perfect snack and satisfies my sweet tooth. Plus Rob likes them with Halo Top. I almost always have it with an Atkins peanut butter cup melted on it and some Cool Whip. Sometimes I add a few berries, if we have them. Basically, bake these asap. If you’re less of a carb sinner you’ll eat it with less Cool Whip than me but, since I’m weak, I say f carbs for this dessert. I mean it’s already way lower carbs than a normal brownie so I use like a ½ cup of Cool Whip 🙈. It ends up being around 360 calories and about 17 net carbs. It’s not keto but I’m losing weight and liking em 🤷

For new recipes from this last month I also found a cherry crisp recipe, made some stuffed bell peppers, and tried out zucchini bites (total winner). I haven’t needed to try lots and lots of new recipes still since I’m really starting to find some we like. The stuffed bell peppers were a great way (no idea why I didn’t make these the first time) to spin that Philly Cheese Steak Casserole I hated from last blog.

Cherry Crisp: for this recipe I doubled the “topping” portion since the cherries and milk looked really liquid but, I’m happy I did. It turned out good. This dessert is less of a crisp and more of a soft cobbler. But, with some Cool Whip – it was a perfect little dessert. I even cheated and used cherries canned in water and it worked well.

Stuffed Bell Peppers: for this dinner I didn’t really have a recipe but kinda made it up as I went. First I cut be tops off 4 green bell peppers and then started to brown about a pound of 80/20 ground beef with chopped onions, mushrooms, and a few bits of green pepper (from the tops I trimmed off). I seasoned this with garlic, salt, pepper, and a little chilli powder. Then, as the meat and veggies cooked. I put the peppers upright in a baking dish, with some water in the bottom, and put them in the oven for about 10 minutes at 350°. Once the meat was done cooking I took the peppers out and layered them with the meat/veggies mix and pieces of provolone cheese. After all the peppers were filled I put them back in the oven at 400/425 for at least another 35 minutes. I’m a slacker and not 100% sure how long they baked for because I just left them in until Rob got home from class that night. When doing stuffed bell peppers you really cook them for awhile so as to soften the pepper. They were soft to the touch with a fork. They ended up super yummy and – yay for low carbs!

Zucchini Bites: these were the bomb and such a great little side dish. They’d also work as a party appetizer too! I used more cheese and a little less bread crumbs (since that’s all carbs) but they turned out so yummy! They kind scratched the potato itch for me too because of their texture. Tip: I just used my food processor to “shred” (but honestly chop) my zucchini.

I’m hoping that for month #3 I can hit 20lbs lost! I plan to continue trying to log my food when I can and keep using my meal prep recipe workbook. During month two I logged my food all but 6 days. 💪 That doesn’t mean I met my caloric/macro nutrient goals for all of the other days it just means that I tracked them. I’d still call the more consistent tracking a success! Let’s see how the next month goes! ❤️ Happy Friday!

Month 2: Low Carb Update

Y’all. Month two eating less carbs is going great! It’s definitely becoming more natural of a decision. I’m human still and have had some bad days – last weekend was a “carb bender” as my husband called it 😂. Despite that I’m proud to say I’m down 13.9lbs and have 15 days left in my month (cause it started on the 9th) to get to 15lbs! Totally doable!!

I’m feeling super positive about the changes I’ve been making. I feel better when I eat healthier and I think that carries through into other parts of my life. I’m just trying to work on myself and focus on my goals (health, family, friends, career, hobbies, etc).

Having all of these new recipes has been amazing. I’m a spreadsheet nerd and have a low-carb workbook I use each time I do a grocery trip. I make a new tab titled by date and add in the recipes I’ll use that week. It makes it super easy to reuse ideas.

One new recipe we added in so far this month was spaghetti squash Carbonara. Next time we make this we decided we’d double the meat (maybe even use something like regular bacon since it’s cheaper than this fancy stuff) but all in all ➡️ it was super yummy. The portion I had was about 22g net carbs with 27g protein and 435 calories. The sauce could have also been a little creamier for my taste so maybe some heavy cream along the way would have been a nice add.

A second recipe we tried was a Philly cheese steak casserole. It wasn’t my favorite because the egg made it seem like a breakfast casserole. I wished I instead made some kinda dough and tried Philly sandwiches so next time that’s on the list. I’ll still eat our leftover 5 servings but definitely not making this, as is, again. The egg just blew it. 🤦‍♀️ Nutrition wise this dish made about a 9×13″ pan with about 7 servings. Each survey was 318 calories, 3g net carbs, and 20g of protein. One serving isn’t enough for dinner on its own so we added a side of roasted veggies.

Another update to come once I have some more recipes to share! Enjoy ✌

One month down & I’d call it a success!

Month 1 of me eating less carbs has ended! I did July 9th to August 9th and I’m SUPER proud to report that I lost 10.4lbs!! I’m already on my second month and I’m hoping to hit 15lbs total lost after this month. As a refresher – I’m eating less than 100g net carbs per day.

Foods from the last week were simple, usually. We’re still trying out fun new recipes but only one or two a week really (since super long dinner cooking times is less conducive to the toddler life) and have been reusing other recipes we already found that we love.

This week I did try a few new things, though, that I wanted to share:

yummy beef brisket with homemade
garlic bread for dinner
  1. biscuits & gravy – I tried out this recipe and it actually turned out pretty good. The biscuits were cheddar biscuits (I’d totally make these again, unchanged) but the only thing I’d try to change for the gravy was to make it a little thicker. It just disappeared and soaked right into the biscuits. Still yummy but just not like regular gravy.
  2. thinslim everything bagels for breakfast – I ordered these bagels online from thinslim and they are like regular bagels. I like the taste and they’re high in fiber. Only downside is that they toast up quick so be careful not to burn them in the toaster.
  3. thinslim hot dog buns for skyline coneys – these hot dog buns were less awesome. I wouldn’t want to eat one plain by itself since the flavor wasn’t 100% my fave. BUT they worked great for coneys as they were covered in chili and cheese. I was able to use one hot dog bun cut in half for two hot dogs since the buns were long. Also, as future reference, two buns plus two hot dogs would have been way too much food. The buns are very filling.
  4. slow cooked beef/pork from a local BBQ joint – This idea was super simple but sorta amazing. We wanted to be able to pick up a quick dinner on the way home one night and thought to go to a local BBQ place. This was a great low carb option because we were able to snag some pounds of amazingly cooked meat (even had enough for leftovers too!) and then eat it however we wanted at home. We got pulled pork and beef brisket. Rob made sandwiches while I ate it without bread but added a little mayo, some BBQ sauce, and cheese.

Not new but staples we ate again this week:

  1. spaghetti zoodles with garlic bread
  2. fudge brownies with fruit/coolwhip/atkins PB cup
  3. high fiber wrap with PB and jelly for lunch
  4. breakfast toast with an egg, cheese, and bacon
  5. blue cheese & bacon chicken salad
  6. steak with veggies
  7. pork chops with veggies
  8. bunless burger

I still have yet to consistently add in exercise so I still need to focus on trying to do that. I’ve just been so busy working on craft fair prep everyday that it hasn’t been as big of a priority right now. At least the eating is coming along! One thing at a time. To be honest, I’m going to be busy with craft fair stuff all the way until the end of September 😂🤦‍♀️

More new recipes to come when I update on how month 2 is coming along! Happy Tuesday!!

Week 3: Healthier Me

So this third week came to a close and I’m happy to report that I’ve lost 9lbs. I’ve found some super great recipes that have made eating less carbs totally doable and I’m making healthier decisions when I eat out. I’m trying to be more conscious of what I’m eating and now I’m making lower carb naturally.

I’m also happy to report that I’ve been tracking my food in my LoseIt! app for the entire time! For me, tracking is now more about my macros and less about my calories. TBH – eating to fit my macros automatically fits my calories so that works anyways. BUT, one thing I want to call out is that: I’m human and I’ve still had high carb meals/higher than 100g net carb days but, in reality, that’s to be expected and – guess what – THAT’S OKAY!

This time around I’ve really been working to change my mindset from “oh, I had a bad [snack, meal, treat] today already so I might as well eat crappy the whole rest of the day” to instead saying that one unhealthy choice doesn’t need to derail my whole day or week. If I know I’m going to go out to dinner or go to a party (where I can’t choose what food is available) and, therefore not eat the healthiest, at least I know 2/3 of the other meals today were healthy. I think that is a big change that’s helped a lot!

Now that all that’s all out of the way… let’s get to the good stuff!

What did I eat the last few days to achieve all this?! For the last week I used some of the same yummy recipes I’ve already shared and made a new one for some yummy brownies.

Since the last blog my breakfasts have consisted of either:

  • piece of toast (Dave’s killer bread is delicious and, despite being higher on carbs it still has some fiber so I don’t mind), an egg, some bacon, and a slice of cheese. Sometimes I skip the egg.
  • or quiche! You can make this with any toppings really so it’s super versitle.

For lunches I did:

  • ground beef taco on a high fiber tortilla wrap with cheese, lettuce, sour cream, and taco Bell mild sauce 👌
  • using one of the same wraps I’d make a PB and jelly wrap. The jelly has carbs for sure but I don’t use much and, being that I’m aiming for less than 100g net carbs (not full on keto) it works.
  • a bunless burger – this is an easy go to when you’re eating out. It’s still super yummy and filling and – tastes just like a regular burger but with a fork and knife instead.

Dinners included eating out few times and…

  • that Greek chicken again that I shared last blog with some zucchini fries. I still want to make the zucchini fries again because, when following the recipe, they’re cut so big and don’t really get crispy like fries. Next time I’ll cut them smaller and see if they’re more “fry-like”.
  • steak + a side salad
  • low carb homemade pizza (still using the same crust since it’s amazing). We made one with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and mozzarella and another with bacon, pepperoni, bell pepper, onion, and mixed cheeses
  • bacon blue cheese salad with chicken, cherry tomatoes, and red onion

For snacks I sometimes had some higher carb snacks like pretzel sticks or crackers (cause I’m human) but as far as low carb snacks – below is what I’d eat..

For alcohol I’ve been having those seltzer water drinks (like white claw or bon & viv) and sometimes, as chip substitutes, I used sliced bell pepper.

Really this month has just been me making healthier choices that are geared towards being low carb. Five more days to round out the month but I’m hopeful I’ll end with losing 10lbs! 💪 Since I’ve had great results so far I definitely plan to stick with it and do another month to see how it goes!