Fertility Journey Update

Well, since my post in December, a lot has happened that I’ve been waiting to update you on.

All of the testing that the doctors did came back negative/normal. The genetic testing showed no signs of concern. All good news, of course, just a bummer to continue to not have any answers. Nice to know I have healthy gen,es though.

In January we had the option of starting our first fertility treatment which would consist of taking clomid, an ovulation shot, and having timed intercourse prescribed by the doc based on when we did the shot. This treatment was going to cost us $1,100 if we used my fertility insurance benefit or ~$400 out of pocket. And I mean, can we sidebar on how my insurance doesn’t help… holy expensive! How does insurance make it cost more!?

Anyways, we decided that, given the cost, we wanted to wait one more month to make sure my cycle was regular (since I had just gotten over a miscarriage) and give ourselves the best odds. This meant we’d be trying everything in February.

Once February rolled around it was time to test the waters and start our treatment. After my cycle started I had to start clomid on the third day of my cycle and take it for 5 days. While taking the meds I felt pretty normal and didn’t have many side effects but after it was in my system for a few days I definitely felt the mood swings. I was upset about any and everything and probably cried once a day at least. I instigated dumb arguments with Rob and was a general hot mess. I was on the lowest clomid dose so I can only imagine how women feel on higher doses. Luckily one of my girlfriends had taken clomid before and was a great support system for me through all this (love you 😘).

Before being prescribed to do the ovulation shot I had to get two ultrasounds to check my follicle (think egg) development. Unfortunately each ultrasound is 300$ (out of pocket) so the treatment ended up being more than the original 400$ but still. ➡ Worth it but just unexpected. We were told we’d only need one ultrasound to check follicle growth but at that first one the follicles weren’t developed enough to say when to do the trigger shot so I had to get another ultrasound. After the second ultrasound they told me to do my shot on February 18th and when to have intercourse (TMI I’m sure but, well, we all know that’s kinda key for making a baby 😂 and I’m just trying to share my journey).

I hated doing the shot at home. I was so anxious leading up to it and worried that I’d do it wrong or in the wrong spot on my body. The doctor at my second ultrasound wasn’t helpful at all either and he didn’t make my anxiety any less. He nearly left the room without saying anything about it other than “do the shot on Tuesday” but I stopped him and asked how I was supposed to do it and where. I’d never done this before and wanted a little more direction at least. The doctor still wasn’t compassionate and just told me it goes in my stomach and to go on their website and watch the video (thanks, super awesome doctor’s office). Then, when it came time to do the shot at home stress was high and I didn’t enjoy it at all. We argued while trying to figure it out (I’m sure I was hormonal and that didn’t help). The actual poking process was super simple and it didn’t hurt at all but the dread and anxiety all in my head just made it the worst. Women who have to do lots of hormone shots for their treatment are the real MVPs. I’m sure my stress would be a bit less after doing it the first time but still. Not fun and not how anyone imagines making their baby.

Once we did that all it was a waiting game to see if the treatment worked. The doctor told me to test two weeks past my ovulation shot (they didn’t say the shot would trigger a false positive though 🙄 and I wish they would have). Of course, I tested before the two weeks (I know I shouldn’t have) but I mean no woman trying to get pregnant is patient. The first test I did on Feb 25 (7 days post shot) was a faint positive. Then a second on Feb 27 (9 days post shot) was also a faint positive. I was so excited and called the doc (and learned about the false positive from the trigger shot 😭). I was defeated. I tested again the next day (again because I have no chill) and it was negative. Then, 13 & 14 days post shot I tested and also got positives. Day 14 meant I got to call the doc and schedule a blood draw.

When I went in for bloodwork I was 4 weeks. My progesterone was 19 (they wanted it to be 20) so they put me on a supplement and I had another draw two days later to see how my HCG rose. My HCG more than doubled ❤️ and I got to be scheduled for an ultrasound in 2 weeks. I got the call while I was at a work event and was so excited I cried.

The first ultrasound was great news – unlike any of our three miscarriages last year. The baby was measuring right as expected and we could see the heartbeat. Everything looked perfect. Rob and Hannah both were able to go for this one since it was pre-covid lockdown. We scheduled a second ultrasound for 2 weeks later and that one I had to go to alone. I was so nervous but again we were blessed with good news. The baby grew right as expected and I got to hear the heartbeat. I recorded the ultrasound for Rob so he heard it too. It was so perfect and just felt surreal. This last appointment meant I could graduate back to my regular OB. ❤️

Luckily for us, the treatment worked. The journey for us to get to baby #2 was anything but easy. Despite the craziness, I felt so loved and supported. Rob has been amazing through all of this and my friends and family have been so supportive too. I couldn’t have done it without my tribe and them helping hold me up when I didn’t feel I could exist on my own.

Cheers to baby Ruwe #2 ❤ we can’t wait to meet her!

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