Month 2: Low Carb Update

Y’all. Month two eating less carbs is going great! It’s definitely becoming more natural of a decision. I’m human still and have had some bad days – last weekend was a “carb bender” as my husband called it 😂. Despite that I’m proud to say I’m down 13.9lbs and have 15 days left in my month (cause it started on the 9th) to get to 15lbs! Totally doable!!

I’m feeling super positive about the changes I’ve been making. I feel better when I eat healthier and I think that carries through into other parts of my life. I’m just trying to work on myself and focus on my goals (health, family, friends, career, hobbies, etc).

Having all of these new recipes has been amazing. I’m a spreadsheet nerd and have a low-carb workbook I use each time I do a grocery trip. I make a new tab titled by date and add in the recipes I’ll use that week. It makes it super easy to reuse ideas.

One new recipe we added in so far this month was spaghetti squash Carbonara. Next time we make this we decided we’d double the meat (maybe even use something like regular bacon since it’s cheaper than this fancy stuff) but all in all ➡️ it was super yummy. The portion I had was about 22g net carbs with 27g protein and 435 calories. The sauce could have also been a little creamier for my taste so maybe some heavy cream along the way would have been a nice add.

A second recipe we tried was a Philly cheese steak casserole. It wasn’t my favorite because the egg made it seem like a breakfast casserole. I wished I instead made some kinda dough and tried Philly sandwiches so next time that’s on the list. I’ll still eat our leftover 5 servings but definitely not making this, as is, again. The egg just blew it. 🤦‍♀️ Nutrition wise this dish made about a 9×13″ pan with about 7 servings. Each survey was 318 calories, 3g net carbs, and 20g of protein. One serving isn’t enough for dinner on its own so we added a side of roasted veggies.

Another update to come once I have some more recipes to share! Enjoy ✌

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