One month down & I’d call it a success!

Month 1 of me eating less carbs has ended! I did July 9th to August 9th and I’m SUPER proud to report that I lost 10.4lbs!! I’m already on my second month and I’m hoping to hit 15lbs total lost after this month. As a refresher – I’m eating less than 100g net carbs per day.

Foods from the last week were simple, usually. We’re still trying out fun new recipes but only one or two a week really (since super long dinner cooking times is less conducive to the toddler life) and have been reusing other recipes we already found that we love.

This week I did try a few new things, though, that I wanted to share:

yummy beef brisket with homemade
garlic bread for dinner
  1. biscuits & gravy – I tried out this recipe and it actually turned out pretty good. The biscuits were cheddar biscuits (I’d totally make these again, unchanged) but the only thing I’d try to change for the gravy was to make it a little thicker. It just disappeared and soaked right into the biscuits. Still yummy but just not like regular gravy.
  2. thinslim everything bagels for breakfast – I ordered these bagels online from thinslim and they are like regular bagels. I like the taste and they’re high in fiber. Only downside is that they toast up quick so be careful not to burn them in the toaster.
  3. thinslim hot dog buns for skyline coneys – these hot dog buns were less awesome. I wouldn’t want to eat one plain by itself since the flavor wasn’t 100% my fave. BUT they worked great for coneys as they were covered in chili and cheese. I was able to use one hot dog bun cut in half for two hot dogs since the buns were long. Also, as future reference, two buns plus two hot dogs would have been way too much food. The buns are very filling.
  4. slow cooked beef/pork from a local BBQ joint – This idea was super simple but sorta amazing. We wanted to be able to pick up a quick dinner on the way home one night and thought to go to a local BBQ place. This was a great low carb option because we were able to snag some pounds of amazingly cooked meat (even had enough for leftovers too!) and then eat it however we wanted at home. We got pulled pork and beef brisket. Rob made sandwiches while I ate it without bread but added a little mayo, some BBQ sauce, and cheese.

Not new but staples we ate again this week:

  1. spaghetti zoodles with garlic bread
  2. fudge brownies with fruit/coolwhip/atkins PB cup
  3. high fiber wrap with PB and jelly for lunch
  4. breakfast toast with an egg, cheese, and bacon
  5. blue cheese & bacon chicken salad
  6. steak with veggies
  7. pork chops with veggies
  8. bunless burger

I still have yet to consistently add in exercise so I still need to focus on trying to do that. I’ve just been so busy working on craft fair prep everyday that it hasn’t been as big of a priority right now. At least the eating is coming along! One thing at a time. To be honest, I’m going to be busy with craft fair stuff all the way until the end of September 😂🤦‍♀️

More new recipes to come when I update on how month 2 is coming along! Happy Tuesday!!

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