Week 3: Healthier Me

So this third week came to a close and I’m happy to report that I’ve lost 9lbs. I’ve found some super great recipes that have made eating less carbs totally doable and I’m making healthier decisions when I eat out. I’m trying to be more conscious of what I’m eating and now I’m making lower carb naturally.

I’m also happy to report that I’ve been tracking my food in my LoseIt! app for the entire time! For me, tracking is now more about my macros and less about my calories. TBH – eating to fit my macros automatically fits my calories so that works anyways. BUT, one thing I want to call out is that: I’m human and I’ve still had high carb meals/higher than 100g net carb days but, in reality, that’s to be expected and – guess what – THAT’S OKAY!

This time around I’ve really been working to change my mindset from “oh, I had a bad [snack, meal, treat] today already so I might as well eat crappy the whole rest of the day” to instead saying that one unhealthy choice doesn’t need to derail my whole day or week. If I know I’m going to go out to dinner or go to a party (where I can’t choose what food is available) and, therefore not eat the healthiest, at least I know 2/3 of the other meals today were healthy. I think that is a big change that’s helped a lot!

Now that all that’s all out of the way… let’s get to the good stuff!

What did I eat the last few days to achieve all this?! For the last week I used some of the same yummy recipes I’ve already shared and made a new one for some yummy brownies.

Since the last blog my breakfasts have consisted of either:

  • piece of toast (Dave’s killer bread is delicious and, despite being higher on carbs it still has some fiber so I don’t mind), an egg, some bacon, and a slice of cheese. Sometimes I skip the egg.
  • or quiche! You can make this with any toppings really so it’s super versitle.

For lunches I did:

  • ground beef taco on a high fiber tortilla wrap with cheese, lettuce, sour cream, and taco Bell mild sauce 👌
  • using one of the same wraps I’d make a PB and jelly wrap. The jelly has carbs for sure but I don’t use much and, being that I’m aiming for less than 100g net carbs (not full on keto) it works.
  • a bunless burger – this is an easy go to when you’re eating out. It’s still super yummy and filling and – tastes just like a regular burger but with a fork and knife instead.

Dinners included eating out few times and…

  • that Greek chicken again that I shared last blog with some zucchini fries. I still want to make the zucchini fries again because, when following the recipe, they’re cut so big and don’t really get crispy like fries. Next time I’ll cut them smaller and see if they’re more “fry-like”.
  • steak + a side salad
  • low carb homemade pizza (still using the same crust since it’s amazing). We made one with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and mozzarella and another with bacon, pepperoni, bell pepper, onion, and mixed cheeses
  • bacon blue cheese salad with chicken, cherry tomatoes, and red onion

For snacks I sometimes had some higher carb snacks like pretzel sticks or crackers (cause I’m human) but as far as low carb snacks – below is what I’d eat..

For alcohol I’ve been having those seltzer water drinks (like white claw or bon & viv) and sometimes, as chip substitutes, I used sliced bell pepper.

Really this month has just been me making healthier choices that are geared towards being low carb. Five more days to round out the month but I’m hopeful I’ll end with losing 10lbs! 💪 Since I’ve had great results so far I definitely plan to stick with it and do another month to see how it goes!

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