Acrylic Pour 0️⃣0️⃣6️⃣ – “Hidden Gem” 10×20″ Canvases

For this pour, I did two 10×20″ wrapped canvases with navy, navy+gold glitter, white, metallic gold, and some black. For each canvas I used 3 flip cups.

The process videos of each of the pours came out pretty well – if only they both dried the best! wah wah. 😦

Now that both are dry only one of them looks like it will move onto the finish coat stage. I’m super picky about my paintings and will paint over the other one because of said boo-boo below. I’m not sure how it happened since the rest of it and 100% of the other one dried totally perfect. -_- smh.

Either way – shit happens. Art is hard.

This is the painting with the boo-boo
here’s the boo-boo 😦

BUT, here is the painting I plan to coat and finish…

Once the top coat goes on I’ll share a final look before adding it to the Shop Page or my Etsy site!
Until then, happy pouring!

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