Acrylic Pour 0️⃣0️⃣3️⃣

Now that I’ve started recording some of my pours I wanted to share them here on the blog! Last night I did 4 pours (#3-#6) and I think #3 is my favorite so it’s the first I’ll share. Anything with blues automatically gets a leg up in my book but that’s besides the point 😂 💙 This one is on a 10×20″ canvas.

For this painting I used 4 colors, one of which was a metallic. Since I did a white flood coat I used the most white in this one. I also made my own pouring medium (glue all + floetrol + water). In this painting I used the smallest amount of silicone as well.

The paints were Anita’s and DecoArt and I snagged them from Hobby Lobby.

I started the pour with a white flood coat. By doing all of the white first I was able to tilt it and spread it out level before adding my flip cup. In trimming this video you don’t see this but it’s worth calling out: once I added my flip cup I let the colors settle and drip down for a minute before poking a hole in the cup to float it.

Once the white was on and leveled/spread out I was ready to add my flip cup. My cup was made from all four colors.

Then, after the majority of the work was done I needed to check the edges for coverage and flow over. This video looks less exciting but I promise it’s super important.

Next step: the long wait for it to dry!! I’ll share more as this one progresses! ♥️✨

Here’s what it looks like right now:

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