Pouring Acrylics Kidnapped My Free Time (and I loved it!)

So I’ve been MIA for nearly a month now – that’s tragic and crappy. I totally agree. In the past few weeks, I’ve been crafting and crafting and crafting. I haven’t used my Cricut in a long while and I’ve also been avoiding working on our home reno projects that have piled up. I’ll get back to them eventually but, for now…

All of my free time has been dedicated to
learning how to pour acrylics.

Since my last post, I’ve continued to try out new pouring mediums (the stuff you mix with the paint) and explore new materials I can pour on (cutting boards, glass dishes, tiles, wood, etc.). Coasters are a new favorite of mine (trust me some of my close friends and loved ones will be finding some of my pieces under the Christmas trees this year)! It’s just so fun to try out new things and see the different outcomes. I currently am loving on Floetrol. It is cheaper than Liquitex pouring medium (which I still love but – until I get my act 100% together that ish is expensive and I can’t bring myself to waste it) but still gives you good flow and nice cells. I snagged mine at Lowe’s first to try it out and then off Amazon Prime once I decided I liked how it worked.

Pouring looks easy on the surface, right?
All you do is dump paint in a cup and spill it on something, right? Or just pour it straight onto the surface and tilt it around?
No. It’s not that simple.

I have messed up several canvases by using the wrong medium mixture and not supporting the canvas properly for resin. I thought pouring looked so easy in the beginning and that I could totally master it but it requires more precision than it looks like. Luckily, with each mistake, came a new learning and I’m starting to get better. Pouring is an expensive hobby and, at times I thought “screw this, I don’t want to learn and I’m wasting all my money”. BUT, I’m happy to say, I’ve not let the obstacles get in my way and I’ve persevered! I’m finally starting to learn some techniques I like and how to avoid some of the boo-boos that I ran into in the past. Which, I mean, good timing since 1) I wanted to give some as Christmas gifts 2) I need to shop for gifts and not blow all our money on just crafting for myself and 3) I was getting burnt out on making mistakes and needed some wins!

Last night I started 2 new coaster sets and a clock face! I’m super pumped about the clock and can’t wait to see how it comes out when it’s all said and done.

Furthermore, outside of acrylic pouring, I’ve always wanted to start working with resin. The resin is expensive to work with but the outcome is sometimes just too gorgeous to pass up. I’ve found a few varnishes that give pours nice top coats but nothing (that I’ve tried yet) seems to add the depth that resin does. Plus, I really want to make some resin tumblers with my Cricut. I need a spinner for that (I still need to make that with the hubs) but it’s on the list. I’ve had the skill and ability to make regular vinyl cups but was too nervous (and didn’t have a spinner) to venture out and try the resin on tumblers. BUT, now that I’m using it for pouring, I’m less nervous. I’m sure I’ll try it soon – knowing me! Another resin craft is to tint the resin and do pours with it instead of acrylic paint.

Just writing this one blog shows how long my craft list is. smh 🤦

Anyways. I’m happy to be back! Next up: what are you cooking for Thanksgiving? 🦃 I’m excited that we’re hosting this year and plan to cook the turkey, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, and make a few mixed drinks for everyone to enjoy. Be on the lookout for my Thanksgiving post! I’ll share the recipes (fingers crossed that it is all edible and delicious) and a few other tidbits.

Happy Thanksgiving week!

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