Think of the New Year

After reading another post about how close the new year is it got me thinking. I really do want to try and finish this year strong. Why throw in the towel on the next three months when I could instead use them as a stepping stone/spring board into a more successful 2019?

BTWs: Fall is my favorite season and I love Thanksgiving/Christmas time. I’m super excited for this season! Christmas is literally my #1 holiday. 🎄🎅🎁

Anyways.. back to it: some people are terrified of thinking about/planning for the future but me personally, I love it. A strengths test at work even told me so. I love thinking about the future and planning on how I’m going to achieve XYZ. Without a plan how will I ensure I get where I want to go? Of course I allow some flexibility in the plan – I’m not totally crazy – but just knowing I’m going in the right direction calms me.

So. Looking to the next year, it is going to be a big year for us.

Financially we want to make some changes and sell our rental property as well as get Rob a 4 door car. Family planning wise Hannah will be two and we wouldn’t mind getting pregnant in 2019. We also plan to take a few vacations. I’m hoping even one outside the US (if the rental house sells well)!! Lots of changes to look forward to for sure.

But, as with many others, one thing I’ve been struggling to keep as a priority is being healthy. I really want to lose some more weight (maybe like 40-50 lbs?) before we get pregnant again. I know its possible but it’s just something you have to stick to and be strict about. For me tracking my food and adding in a few days of exercise per week is my go to. I’m just one of those people who has to work at it to be healthy.

Jan ’18 to June ’18 I lost 30 lbs since I was in a diet bet with my sister. I was super committed and counted my calories everyday for those 6 months. About halfway through Feb ’18 I started hitting them gym 3-4 days a week as well. Then, when the diet bet ended, I let loose in July to celebrate winning the diet bet and totally shouldn’t have since it’s been so hard to get back on track ever since.

The article I read just really reminded me to get my shit together. I need to put my goals first. Exercising and eating healthy is just one of the goals but it’s an important one.

Referring to any goal: the only person standing in our way is ourselves. If we want to get things accomplished then we need to try harder. We can’t be complacent with failure.

With this I challenge you to think of one thing you can do for the rest of the year to make yourself better/start 2019 off on the right foot. Some ideas to get you thinking are:

Eat better.
Go to the gym 1 more day each week.
Drink less alcohol.
Drink more water.
Get 8 hours of sleep per night.
Set aside time to connect with old friends.
Read more.
Laugh more.
Learn something new.

Whatever it is. Let’s commit to focusing on our goals more these next few months and let’s change our habits to make these goals a reality. Even start with a baby step: commit to this goal for 30 days and see if you end up better for it.

For me, I’m going to eat healthier, count my calories, and try to exercise 3 days per week. Today I counted and logged my food on LoseIt! so there’s a start!! 💪

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