“Week Planner” State of Mind

All in all, this past week was a win. With my “week planner” mindset I was able to get so much done. One bummer: Hannah woke up with hand foot and mouth on Tuesday morning. Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough. I got it as well.. smh. 🤦

Yass! Low carb dinner – Pizza Chicken

Monday was good. I worked late, cleaned, meal prepped some super yummy pizza chicken and started watching Mayans MC on Hulu. The planning totally kept me on track with what I wanted to get done and I stuck to it!

Tuesday, as I said earlier, super sucked. We woke up and Hannah had a rash all over! HFM is super contagious so Hannah had to stay home from the sitter not only Tuesday but all week (AH!). Luckily my dad was able to come help with Hannah on the day Rob had class and we were able to balance it all out. 💪 Despite the major shit sandwich we woke up to, I still managed to kick Tuesday’s butt. I grabbed a gift at Target for my mom’s birthday, still went to the gym and did my cardio (yay for day 1), and I tracked my food all day! = winning

Me and the Birthday Girl!!

Wednesday was a surprise birthday party for my mom. One of her dear friends, Diane, planned a party at a local amazing German restaurant and I invited my mom to meet me there for a small birthday dinner for her. She had no idea and was so surprised when she arrived! It was a great time! So many of her friends were able to be there and it was super special. After the party I came home and totally skipped the gym as I wasn’t feeling super amazing. I ended up playing some StarCraft and watching some Netflix before bed.

Then came Thursday. The day I woke up feeling super shitty. 🤧😷 Thursday was a total crapshoot. I didn’t do anything I planned. I slept extra lots, I went to the doctor, and slept some more. It was so weird – I woke up with lower back pain and a fever and then, as the day went on, the fever went up, the chills started, the headache was strong and the sore throat arrived. I hardly ate anything as it hurt to swallow (Yay HFM!) and just went to bed early. This threw off the week a little since I couldn’t get started on my shelves until later BUT – worry not!

Friday I felt WAY better. ☀️ I started to get a little rash on my hands and feet from the HFM (super attractive 😑) and – in case you didn’t know – the rash is painful. Those little red blister marks hurt. I have them in my finger bendy spots and my toe bendy spots. No bueno. But, aside from the rash, Friday was good. I still couldn’t eat a lot but I was able to get lots done at work. Then, Friday night Hannah stayed at my mom’s house for a sleepover and I was able to kick my plan back into gear. After my mom snagged the babe I went to Lowe’s for the shelf supplies and wrapped up the evening with video gaming. Twas relaxing.

Saturday was BUSY! I was up at 830am and made a major list of things to do. I meal prepped a breakfast casserole for the week (goetta, milk, egg whites, bell pepper, onion, shredded cheese, crispy crowns) and we took the dogs to get their nails cut at 945am. After that I cut the grass, I cleaned the crap outta the house, did two loads of laundry, worked on my shelves, and started to turn our guest bedroom back into a guest bedroom (since it was still torn up from being the temporary kitchen while we did the reno). The playdate didn’t happen since our house had/has HFM and I skipped the baseboards but I’m totally okay with that. Hannah was back from grandma’s at 5pm and we finished our night with Larosa’s and video games. I also started a Atypical (on Netflix) and it’s super good! *totally recommend it*

Then that leaves today. Sunday. Today we convinced the baby to be happy outside and let us clean the garage while she was set up in baby jail with toys in the shade. Essentially it was work in the garage until Hannah wants to go inside. Then work inside until Hannah naps. Then work in the garage while she naps. Then shift to working inside when she wakes up. It was busy but productive. I can’t wait to finish my shelves and post my blog on how it all went. I think they’re coming along really nicely!

Overall, I loved my week plan. Looking back at the list of activities I said I wanted to focus on in a given week I’m proud to say I did everything on the list at least once. Exercise: I went to the gym and did lots of housework/yard work on Saturday. Eating healthier/meal prepping: I prepped two different times this week and counted my calories 6 days this past week. I was under my calorie goal every day too! Family/Friends: I saw my dad 3 days this week as he helped babysit Hannah, went to my mom’s birthday party, and got to hang out with Tyler at my mom’s party. Craft/DIY: I started the floating shelves for our bathrooms! Then, on random days I was still able to fit in chill time for me by watching tv, relaxing and playing video games.

I’m going to plan out this coming week and we’ll see how it goes! The plan is very fluid and I’m totally fine with it changing but it’s nice to have more direction with my time.

Quick stab at the initial plan for this week:

Monday: gym, sell nightstands, work on my shelves
Tuesday: wax, meal prep, finish up shelves (hopefully 🤞)
Wednesday: gym, hang shelves, video games
Thursday: gym, relax (netflix + blog), clean
Friday: Hannah Doctor Apt, Wedding Dress Shopping with Sam, maybe pottery or maybe just video games
Saturday: Work on some house reno stuffs, decorate for fall (maybe?), Cut the grass, Buy siding
Sunday: meal prep, clean, relax

All in all – I’m digging it so far. I feel like I actually got more done with my week than I normally would. Or maybe I’m just paying attention more. Either way – I’ll take it! Cheers to a new week!

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