At it Again…

Last I blogged I had no kiddo, lived in Germany, and just graduated college. Man how different life was back then! Now we’re living in the states again, we have a 15 month old baby girl, I’m working a big girl job, Rob’s in college, and we’re constantly renovating our house!

After a visit to my sister’s this past weekend I realized I missed blogging and loved having my blog to look back on so I figured I’d try it out again. Blogging is a big time commitment so, as a full-time working mom and busy wife, I’m sure it’ll look different this time around but I’m excited to see if it’s something I can do again! First stop: this WordPress app so I can blog on the go! 😂With this blog I’m planning to just share the ins and outs of our Ruwe family: daily adventures, home renovations, DIY projects, and more!

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