Welcome to The Blend

2022 means I’m turning 30 this year!! 🤯✨ And new house, turning 30, and two little ones means this year is going to be busy! ❤️ I work full time as a client strategy manager and spend my free time doing oh, so, much. I love to do all sorts of art and crafting (really into fluid art currently), decorating my home is a favorite pastime of mine, and we’re always working on some sort of DIY project at our house. We moved here in July 2021 and are here to hopefully stay at least the next ~20 years. My husband, Rob, and I have been married 10 years this past summer and have two sassy daughters: Hannah (4) and Charlotte (1).

These two are firecrackers 🤣 I love seeing them grow together.

Looking at life, it’s crazy how much we’ve done and been through together as a family in our first ten years. We’ve mutually lived in 6 different homes across 2 different countries, loved each other thousands of miles apart multiple times, owned 3 different homes, birthed two beautiful healthy babies, suffered 3 miscarriages, and just grew so much. I never knew what was in my life plan but I am so blessed it has brought me here.

Now, in our current chapter: 2021 meant selling the last house we 100% updated updating (RIP – miss that gorgeous house) and moving into our next chapter’s home (that is 3x larger than our last) house. At the house we have big projects planned (like demoing our full size tennis court) and gutting updating all 7 bathrooms. We’ll be busy, to say the least, but I’m loving every minute of it. I love getting to customize our home and enjoy seeing it all come together.

Here on theBlend I share various sorts of content with focuses on our DIY renovations (and fails), the art I create, parenting struggles, and just real life. I love making things, going on adventures, traveling, trying new projects, playing video games, and staying busy so I hope you enjoy the ride!